Vehicle Required


It’s San Diego Comic-Con weekend! 

Sadly, I’m not one of the people standing  in line for hours waiting on a panel that’s only one to two hours long. Instead I’m in the hills of Mt Pocono, Pennsylvania imagining what it would be like to have a Final Fantasy VII motorcycle.

If only I could add water to make it life size.

If only I could add water to make it life size.

An opportunity to go to college and live rent free presented itself, I jumped on it. I don’t think I fully took into account that where my Dad lives is very remote.

I miss the days of living in my studio in downtown Portland, Oregon. On any given day I could take public transportation to see my sisters and niece. Jogging to Washington Park and stopping by the store on the return trip was a usual weekend morning. Two months have gone by since I moved. Sometimes it feels a lot longer.

It is utterly frustrating my social life and going to the local farmers market  hinges on one fact. In this area I need a vehicle to get around, period. I haven’t had a car in five years. While not having to pay insurance, servicing, or fuel is one of the perks, I have also become more active in lessening my ecological footprint.

Hence, my dilemma. I’ve left my steady job and with no employment in the foreseeable future, I’m on a budget and I want to help the planet.

Challenge 1: Finding a vehicle that doesn’t break my wallet and is efficient (a hybrid, unfortunately, is not an option).


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