Star-Eyed for the City

nerd culture

sin_city1Of all the movies trailers that  came from Comic-Con, there is one in particular that  is, in my own opinion, the most exciting. I have waited years to get any definitive news about this sequel.

When I saw the trailer, I threw up my hands yelling “Yes! Yes!” (A similar event occurred when the 10th Doctor died and regenerated. I was worried they wouldn’t continue the series).

Sin City A Dame to Kill For is officially here!

I remember renting Sin City and watching it in the wee hours of the morning awestruck. They captured Frank Miller’s comic book almost panel for panel, settling into a seedy and sometimes jarring cult film noir. I immediately watched it again.

The end of August is going to be nerd heaven for me. Not only will A Dame to Kill For be out in theaters, the newest season of Doctor Who will be airing with the reset 13th Doctor. I’m doing a happy dance.


Note: The views expressed are my own. I was not paid nor requested by anyone to review or write on the subjects included herein. 








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