A Love Affair With Manga

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A few days ago I picked up the twelfth volume to one of my favorite series, Yotsuba&! by mangaka Kiyohiko Azuma.

Yotsuba&! (450x800)

Yotsuba is in the middle with green hair. Kawaii!

The manga is about a four year old and the way she interacts with the world around her. Each chapter is more or less its own story that is cute to laugh out loud funny, especially if you know or live with a preschooler.

When buying a series I have a list of parameters:

1) The people have to be in balance with the background.

2) Great story and characters.

3) Needs to be re-readable, otherwise known as: I want to read it again and again.

If the drawing is too heavy handed or consistently chaotic I won’t pick it back up. An example would be Soul Eater. A solid story and quirky characters, but I felt the style would translate better as anime and indeed it did. I enjoyed the anime version more than the manga (which I believe is still ongoing).

Not only is Youtsuba&! on my “in process of collecting shelf”, there is also Skip Beat, Blade of the Immortal, and Book of Friends. All of which I will highly recommend checking out and reading, or find their anime counterpart anytime this subject is broached.

It has been thirteen years since that fateful day in the library. A few hundred books later and the affair continues…

Note: Below are the meanings of the Japanese words I’ve used. 

Kawaii: Cute, the quality of being cute, or items that are cute.

Manga: A style of Japanese comics, also referred to as graphic novels

Mangaka: Comic artist, cartoonist, and/or creator


2 thoughts on “A Love Affair With Manga

  1. Nice I’ll have to take a look. Speaking of Anime, you should check out sword art online. It’s on Netflix and an excellent watch. The manga is still ongoing but I haven’t looked at that yet. 🙂

    1. Thanks for commenting and your suggestion.
      I have recently started to watch Sword Art Online and am really taken with the story and characters. Keep a look out for other reviews in the future. ^_^

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