Ups and Downs: A Week in Persepective

college, life challenges, writing

This week that had me floating on a cloud of excitement and brought my feet firmly back to the ground.

Exciting news: A short story that I submitted to Northwest Independent Writers Association e.i. NIWA will be published in their 2014 anthology. The launch of the anthology will be at this years OryCon in Portland, OR on November 7-9, 2014. (If you are in the area or attending the convention visit the NIWA table in the Dealer’s room to get a copy.)

Not so great news; I am unable to start college classes until January since I haven’t lived in the area for ninety days to start classes in September. Essentially, I will have higher tuition costs if I go to classes now. I would rather wait four months when I will no longer be considered an out-of-state student.

Other good news: I will soon have a web portfolio for my art work and writing projects, courtesy of my ever encouraging and amazing older sister. Link to follow once the portfolio is fully online.

Other not so good news: I am in need of a job or two stat!

Such is the way my week ended. However, I prefer this to where I was last year, stressed out over job I didn’t like and not sleeping very well. Meanwhile, distracting myself from those facts with social events and copious amounts of pizza. Now, I still crave pizza, sleep great, and have a future that I’m looking forward to. Hurrah for small victories.



2 thoughts on “Ups and Downs: A Week in Persepective

  1. Good for you! Things always seem to work out–hang in there. Looking forward to see your published work! Congratulations!

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