What Is “Garbage”?

eco challenge

Returning from a round of Pathfinder at Gamer’s Edge in Stroudsburg, I noticed that summer is coming to a close. The leaves are starting to change to brilliant reds and stark yellows against the green foliage. A question looms: am I going to be on leaf raking duty? Followed by, are the leaves going to be thrown away?

When I got home I made myself a salad. As usual with salad making, I ended up with a mound of stuff I’m not going to eat. Kale stalks, garlic skins and egg shells end up thrown in the trash. I feel wasteful. I know that the raw leftovers can be used for something better than a landfill.

2014-09-07 18.48.24-2 (640x639)

The banana was a snack while I made the salad.

When trees dump their leaves on the lawn and slick up the driveways, we rake them into bags and put them next to the garbage cans. However, trees do what they always do every autumn and the forest floors are no worse for wear. In fact, fallen vegetation enriches the soil (except for pine needles).

This fall, instead of tossing biodegradable leftovers in the trash and raking leaves into plastic garbage bags, I’m going to do something that has been on my mind for the past two years.

Eco-Challenge: Set up a composting bin/box in the yard and get everyone in the house to use it too. Not only will the smell of rotting food be outside, next spring we can use the compost for the flower bed.


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