Down the Anime Road

Anime, nerd culture

Have you ever seen Sailor Moon? I saw the anime when I was sixteen in a jumbled up, non-sequential way on a weekday afternoon. I didn’t get it. After reading about the story line I still didn’t understand what it was about and haven’t watched it since.

Sailor Moon was my beacon into amine. Afternoon cartoons suddenly became a whole lot more interesting.

The line up on a good day:

Digimon Frontier – Who didn’t want to be transported to a digital universe and transform into cool “mons”. Often loud groans came from my younger sister and I every time they restarted the series on a cliffhanger.

Hamtaro – A cute little hamster and his friends.

Rurouni Kenshin –Not to be confused with the movies or the original anime version. I later found out the series was edited within an inch of its life for viewers in the US.

Gundam Wing – Huge mecha and fighting in space! The episodes dedicated to the political drama are a little boring.

I found myself with an insatiable need for anime. Of course, the only way to satisfy my growing obsession included staying up or waking up at one in the morning to watch more. At that hour the anime was darker and contained “adult themes”.

The late night block:

Cowboy Bebop – I became one of the many that fell in love with Spike Spiegel. The rag tag team set the stage for my love of Space Westerns.

Outlaw Star – Again a Space Western. This series suddenly disappeared and never aired again. I couldn’t remember then name of it until years later when I spoke to someone that remember it too.

Blue Gender – This one can only be described as weird. For the longest time I referred to it as the-anime-with-giant-bugs. My friends knew exactly which anime I meant.

And to top it off at six in the morning:

Zoids: Chaotic Century – As I was often blurry eyed by this time, all I really remember are the mecha, a blonde-haired girl with red eyes and that a lot of the characters had odd facial marks.

After a while, partially due to working full-time, it became impossible to keep watching when the shows were scheduled. Yet, I never got over my obsession or dedication. There is always the library, on-demand viewing platforms, and my growing collection.

Honestly, this is a long explanation/excuse about why I didn’t post this blog entry on Sunday as I usually do.

Short version: Yesterday, I got sucked into a new (to me) anime and lost track of time.

For those who are into Steam-Punk, check out Last Exile!

Note: All views are my own and I’d love to find out others first experiences with anime. 





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