Friendly Neighborhood Comic Book Store

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Whenever I visit a new city I always locate to two places. A library and a comic book store.

Comic book store found during a visit to NYC a few years ago.

Found this store during a visit to NYC a few years ago. Silver Surfing!

As a nerdy/geeky woman, finding a comic book store that I feel comfortable in is important. Unfortunately, it is still an issue that females like and read comic books and some (not all) stores don’t exactly have a welcoming environment.

Therefore, after a bit of research that showed only one comic book store within a reasonable distance to the area I would live in, I cringed at the lack of choice. I read reviews to try to get a feel for the store and the reviews were not helpful.

A month later I was completely moved in and it took me another month to match up the opening hours to when I visited the Stroudsburg Farmer’s Market. I went in Gamer’s Edge loaded down with loot from the market and breathed a sigh of relief when I came out thirty minutes later.

The layout of the store is relatively straight forward (they are mostly about table top games). It is well lit and the guys behind the counter very helpful when I had questions and left me alone when I perused the comic book displays. Although they didn’t have the comics I wanted, Serenity: Leaves on the Wind, the new Lara Croft origin story and none of the manga I’m collecting, their ordering process is painless.

Having come from a group of friends who’ve only played Legend of the Five Rings, I also wanted to join a role-playing group that was willing to accept a complete novice at other role-games. They welcomed me without judgment. Hence, the first Sunday of September became my crash course in Pathfinder. I’ve also taken up the game master’s challenge to write the story from my character’s point of view as a writing exercise due every week. I think it an excellent way to earn extra experience points!

Even as I am still looking for a job and await the New Year to start college, it is a great feeling to have somewhere to go every week and have fun without spending much (an occasional comic book).


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