Walking the Chosen Path

Art, college, life challenges, writing

This past week I reached a low point. Finding inspiration has become difficult in a place so far removed from the city life I’ve known for most of my adult life. Listless and a sense of aimlessness are my companions. The jobs I’ve applied to so far haven’t panned out. Other than the weekly Pathfinder entries, I’ve written only one original short story since June. I have exactly two months before I can start the classes for a Fine Arts degree and that feels very far away when my days are filled with… nothing.

A fortune cookie from last week’s take out had a message I needed to read: Pick a path with heart.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to remind myself why I moved and also set a few goals. Writing this blog every Sunday for the duration of my time in college is one goal, but there definitely needs to be more. I need to do more.

My path with heart includes writing and creating art. No more excuses or the talent I’ve honed, procrastination. Pulling out of a glum state won’t be easy, but I always feel better when I’ve set goals. I need to pick up my sketch pads and make it a point to write for several hours every day.

Also continue to walk/run and go to the weekly free yoga classes offered. Wake up the body so the mind will follow.

The last painting I did before the move.

The last painting I did before the move.


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