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Fear of change does different things to different people. For some they lash out like a wounded animal, for others it prompts them to stand up and fight.

I debated whether or not to write about the issue that is getting a lot of press lately. While not an avid gamer myself, I am friends with more than a few women that are keen gamers. If the women that are my friends received the horrible threats that I’ve read, how would I feel? In two words: Pissed Off. I would fight for them and their right for free speech about the games that they love.

This week I’ve read more than a few disturbing articles and blogs on the rape and violent threats against woman in the gaming industry. Brianna Wu, Anita Sarkeesian, Jenn Frank and other women whom are either game developers or journalists or reviewers have and are currently being threatened over Twitter and other forum platforms. Is online abuse what to expect from the gaming community?

After digging into the issue, many of the threats came after certain games were pointed out as objectifying women, and having themes of misogyny and sexism within the game play. In the case of Zoe Quinn (indie game developer), she received threats after an angry ex-boyfriend accused her of sleeping with a journalist for a positive review. The claim later proved to be false.

The misogynistic threats aren’t a recent occurrence. Some of the women have been under attack for over two years. The issue is only now making news because they have raised their voices loud enough to get the attention of main stream news media.

I write as a voice of support. At this very moment in the Culture of Nerdom we have an issue that affects us all and we can be the catalyst for change. Are we not all known as Homo sapiens (i.e. humans)?

Note: All views are my own and The Feminist Movement wanted women to be seen as people, equals in modern society. Therefore, I am a Feminist. 


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