Eco-Challenge Update

eco challenge, life challenges

2014-05-07 10.18.30 (640x220) (2)


Autumn is coming to a close and the Eco-challenge I posted to myself a few weeks ago hasn’t been completed… yet. There are many ways to make a compost pile or enclosure. I chose the wooden box for two reasons.

1) There are wild animals around, such as bears and deer, and a sturdy structure would be better than wire.

2) We consume a lot of vegetables and live in an area that is surrounded by trees. The amount of vegetation would probably fill a four-by-four-by-four box easily.

When I first posted this eco-challenge, I truly thought it would be trouble-free. I have the place picked out where the box will go and all I need is to get the wood. Who knew that inexpensive untreated wood is hard to find.

With the cold becoming colder, I hope that I can get/find the wood and set up the compost box before the frost sets in. I’ve a feeling I will need to stop looking in the usual places for wood (i.e. DIY stores). Suggestions anyone?


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