Jumping Through Hoops

college, current events, life challenges

Occasionally I need a recharge. On Halloween weekend I went to New York City. I crashed on my Aunt and Uncle’s couch, tried a delicious Frankenstein cocktail that made me sleepy, and came back the following Tuesday to a bright sunny day. The city has a different energy and spark than the country. When I got back I felt renewed motivation.

Enter the world of college registration.

I enter the world of college registration.

Not only motivation for job searching, but also to finish the steps for community college registration. I didn’t realize how many steps there are. Why did this surprise me? Well, I have three sisters who all either went to college or are still in college and none of them mentioned how tedious the initial process is. In the welcome packet from the admissions office a check list was included.

  1. Placement testing. Fairly straightforward, no problem with English and reading; however, I’ve forgotten a lot of elementary algebra. Math classes are definitely in my future.
  2. Paying a few additional admission fees.
  3. Setting up edu.com e-mail to add to my cache of other e-mails.
  4. NCC requires all students to activate a card that acts like a debit card, even if you don’t choose to open a debit account to pay tuition. Confusing? I had to read it several times. And if I choose not to use the card I have been advised in all caps: DO NOT THROW AWAY AS THERE WILL BE A $20 REPLACEMENT FEE. So now I’m stuck with a card I don’t want and don’t need (yay).
  5. Speak to an adviser about my course of study. Yet, since I’m starting in January, I can only speak to an adviser in December.
  6. Then I will need to attend mandatory orientation before I can register for classes.
  7. Finally, register for classes. 
  8. After that, more payments, and more payments, and additional account setups.


I will be very glad when this is all over and can begin classes. I wonder, in a year or so will I forget this part and only remember the times in the classroom or lab.


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