Hard at Work

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It’s official. I am finally a college student! (Cue happy dance)

The community college I am going to requires all of its first time students to take a college success class, as well as the standard classes: English 101 and Speech Communications. What I really looked forward to is the drawing and/or painting classes. As I went through the registration, SUPRISE, all the art classes were either closed or at the college’s other location (too far away to try and drive in winter).

Even though I have to wait until summer term which starts in May to take the classes I’m looking forward to the most and that apply to my major, there is an upside to this. One, being that I can get a required elective out of the way and the other, I can brush up on my math. With a placement score at a paltry 39% average I barely qualified for pre-algebra.

My arithmetic abilities aside, I landed a job. (Cue happy dance)

Nearly four months of applying to various businesses and interviews has resulted to this: I will never look at housekeeping quite the same way again. After two days of consistent bending, and lifting, and scrubbing, I have a new found respect for all people who clean as a profession because I am now a housekeeper.

It feels good to move around and I don’t miss sitting at a desk all day. Though, I’m not sure how I’m going to feel when my work week is over since I have to arrive at 8AM every morning. I am not a morning person. Hopefully, I can keep yawning to a minimum until noon.


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