To Make or Not to Make

college, eco challenge, life challenges, New Years

The New Year came, count-downs and fireworks, ball-dropping and the tolling of bells happened. Resolutions were made and a sense of beginning anew fell over the world.

I don’t usually make New Year resolutions, considering I make resolutions or goals throughout the year. Some goals go well, others not so much, but that’s life.

Three months ago I intended to build a compost box and start composting. Thanks to a friend suggesting pallet wood for the box, I found pallets and was ready to get to work the very next day. Unfortunately, the ground froze and we received snow. The box will have to wait until spring; however, that doesn’t mean composting has to.

I found out some important things: Composting is an art and science. Using all kitchen scraps in a bin is going to turn into a sloshy, soggy mess. There has to be brown stuff and dirt to help with decomposition. Finally, make sure to turn the compost regularly to get air into the mix otherwise the compost will compress into the corners and bottom and start to smell… really, really bad.

With college classes coming up in a week, I am nervous about how well I will do. I plan to take this year one day at a time… I suppose that’s a resolution of sorts.


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