College Experience: Winter Part 1

college, current events, life challenges, winter

Problem Solving

During the first week of classes, temperatures dropped below freezing.  The brisk air laughed at my attempts to keep warm with scarfs, gloves, and homemade hand-warmers. I walked to my car under the cover of night weighed down with recently purchased course books. Using the key fob to unlock Oberon’s doors, I pulled the handle. Nothing happened. I tried again, but the driver-side door didn’t budge.

Striding to the passenger side I tested that door, also unsuccessful. Standing back, I took stock of other ways to get in and out of the cold. The hatch! Preparing to pull with all I was worth, the back popped open effortlessly. Crawling up to the backseat, the back seat was laid down. My car is not very big and I climbed through the seats to the front with bags of books and backpack, those yoga classes paid off.

From the inside I was able to push open the frozen drivers-side door. After I’d tossed my books on the passenger seat and closed the hatchback, I sat waiting for the heat to kick in, feeling as if I’d passed a test. Little did I know there would be more come…

2015-01-26 13.19.31 (800x567)


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