College Experience: Winter Part 2

college, current events, life challenges, winter

Mondays are cursed:

After every bright, clear day follows a night of snowstorms, that never seems to end within twenty-four hours. I am beginning to dread sunny days in winter. A warning is sent out in the morning if school will be in session and usually both daytime and night classes are cancelled. The unlucky day of snow and ice lands on a Monday. Classes on Tuesday resume as normal.

I have one course on Mondays, English 101. So, for those of us who have signed up for that class, we’ve met in the classroom once over the last month. What does this mean for me? Not only do students get a day taken from Spring break to cover the days missed, but we also do not get Presidents day off.

This week the sunny day landed on a Friday, which means Saturday was the day plagued with small drifting snowflakes.  A very picturesque winter day; however, it is a different matter altogether trying to drive in it…

Oh Sunny day!

Oh Sunny day!


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