Challenge by Design

Art, college, Design, life challenges

2-D Design Instructor Theory:

More assignments = better quality work from students.


More work = headaches, staying up to 3 A.M. on more than one occasion to get it done, generally not eating well, and assignments produced were consistently better.


I’ve held off writing about the rest of my art classes because I didn’t want this entry to turn into a rant. However, I still have mixed feelings about this class. On one hand, the assignments were definitely time consuming to finish, and some felt redundant. On the other, I did learn about how advertisements are designed. Also, art terms she talked about have since cropped up in my current Drawing class, such as “values” and “tones”.

The most challenging aspect of this class, in fact, were not the assignments. While we worked on our projects in the studio room, the professor had a tendency to come over and make changes on our projects. She turned it into something she thought it should be, rather then giving us the freedom to create. I got around this by not starting until after I left the classroom or painting and gluing things right away so they couldn’t be changed.

Through this class I learned to trust my artistic instincts. Small changes such as “contrast” and “variety” can be made after the initial concept is set. You can see some of my favorite projects here.

Design Level : 1

Design Proficiency : Novice Unlocked

HP (or times I didn’t sleep/eat): I really didn’t keep track, but give myself +5 for catching up on rest during winter break.

 Lessons learned : Insight and Ingenuity +10 






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