Art of Distraction

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When I first started this blog I didn’t realize how much time I would have to devote to it. After I started classes full-time, I felt the blog could wait another week in light of getting homework done. One week led to one month, which led to five months passing without a single update. Finals are over and I’m looking forward to a summer where I’ll have time to work on my own art and projects. Three weeks later and I’ve not done a single project. See a pattern?

Frankly speaking I am a master at the art of distracting myself. TV shows, books, movies, going out with friends, and YouTube mostly. By chance I came across YouTuber Shameless Maya and her story of working with Prince. After watching a few more of her entertaining and thoughtful videos I realized I’ve lost focus, or never really defined it in the first place. I have so many lists and goals of what I intend to do that I become overwhelmed and don’t do anything.

I knew when I made the decision to follow my art and make a living off of it that this path wouldn’t be easy. I don’t think I could’ve been prepared for how difficult it actually is. The fact that I have to change myself didn’t occur to me. I’m not working for a bank comfortably expecting a bi-weekly paycheck to spend on whims and fancies. Floating through life isn’t going to work for me now.

Why did I create this blog? Initially it was because I was bored. Later, I figured out that it had the potential to showcase my work; however, only one or two pieces here and there aren’t enough. And therein lays the problem, I’m not doing enough. I have to put in the work to make it work.

On my list of things to do this summer was watch all the movies and shows in my list. Trying to watch 300 plus items is ridiculous and I removed everything except for one movie (Metropolis) which I intend to watch next time I want to watch something. Since I can be rather easily distracted I’ll be removing distractions. First thing to go: Netflix.


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