Distracted But Not Idle

life lessons, nerd culture, writing

There’s a difference in being unfocused and idle. While I’m an accomplished distracted person, I’ve made some head way into my chosen path as a working artist. However, I now realize I’m not taking full advantage of the opportunities that I currently have.

For the past year or so I worked as a housekeeper at an addiction recovery center. I didn’t mind the work, but I quit because of the attitudes of certain people. Where I’m working now is a complete turnaround. I’m painting and getting paid for it, which is something never quite believed I could do so soon.

My new boss is a potter. She took a hobby and created a successful business, shipping all over the US to small and online businesses. I knew absolutely nothing about making ceramics and very little about glazes when she hired me. Though I took a pay cut, working with fellow artists is entertaining, challenging, and educational. I’ve been enjoying working with an eclectic group of people.

Within the same week that I switched jobs, my adviser pointed out that I should find an internship. I’ve been active in an online community Black Girl Nerds since a little over a year ago. The website/blog was created back in 2012 to be a community for women of color who are nerdy like me. I related to the blog posts, content, and the struggles documented therein. Absolutely love live tweeting TV shows with them; it’s like having a group of friends in your living room.

The first time I saw that they were looking for contributors, I didn’t apply. Fear and thinking that I wasn’t “nerdy enough”, or didn’t have anything say that anyone would find interesting held me back.

I then saw the notification a second time at two in the morning. I submitted my info without giving myself time to second guess what I just did. Things fell into place. BGN offers internships to any college students that contribute on their platforms.

In the spirit of being more focused I intend to learn some business savvy and to fully take advantage of the internship hours I can gain writing about the nerdy subjects I enjoy.

You can read the articles I’ve written so far here, there, this one, and that one.

Twitter @worldof_dey, and Instagram.


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