How to be Productive

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The struggle is real. Being a creative type is not easy if you’re actively creating. Both mental and emotional juices are drained (especially in writing). You have all these ideas and plans and lists, but trying to complete them is a challenge.

I have the problem of starting out strong, motivated, knowing what I’m going to do and doing it, then  burnout before I’m finished.

In my quest to be a more productive artist/creative extraordinaire there are a few things I need to recognize:

  • Learning the work load I can actually handle versus what I think I can.

Lists and goals mean nothing if I’m overexerting myself and don’t have enough time to work on or complete them. Constantly re-evaluate goals and what needs to be done.

  • Before taking on a new project, finish the ones I’m already working on.

This is a big one for me. I like working on multiple projects so I can hop around when feeling creatively blocked on something. Set a limit to the projects and stick to it.

  • I need to take time for fun.

Two hours or so of playing RPG games or catching a movie isn’t bad. In fact taking a break and doing something enjoyable gives the mind a break.


So with these three tips in mind and the new college semester coming up in a few weeks, I hope to turn around the slump I’ve been in for the past two weeks.


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