Critique Me! – Value

Can you see the light source?

Is there a good range of values?

Was the illusion created successfully? Why or why not?

Mari 0572

Mari 0572

Please share any critiques, thoughts and/or comments you may have. (Note: click on picture to enlarge)


3 thoughts on “Critique Me! – Value

  1. Hey, Dey. Maintaing a light source is something I struggle with often, but doing it right can solidify a piece. On this one the mountains suggest there is a strong light source coming from the left, but the left side of the figure is shaded on the chest, face and hood. Conflicting light sources also flatten an image. I’ve been doing this for years and when I am just flowing I tend to get carried away and do this same thing. Some things we really need to focus on while at the same time letting things go. Why is art so hard? 😜

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