Last Minute College Dash

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(Warning: use of colorful language included)

If you’re like me, you like to be ready for things; always prepared, as much as possible. Sometimes life catches you off guard or you didn’t pay attention. When that happens your week might end up something like this:


I put together a whole check list of things I planned to do the following week to prepare for the fall semester. When my boss asked about the date classes started, I swore up and down it was two weeks away. It wasn’t. A co-worker and also fellow student double checked. Classes began the very next week.

Thursday – Sunday:

I’m scrambling to get everything together. Checking syllabus’s, double checking art supply lists and textbooks I may or may not need is usually at the top of my list. However, that didn’t happen quite the way I expect. I’m cramming to get new tires, prepping snacks, lunch and dinner to take with me, as well as trying to find a decent pair of hiking shoes. House chores didn’t get done. And still haven’t read any of the syllabus’s.


I walked, sort of stumbled, in and sat down in the front row of the lecture hall for the first class and first the day of the semester. I am nowhere near mentally prepared for classes again.

The Field Ecology professor strode in, set his pens and folders down, “If you miss three lectures or two labs you will fail this class. I don’t offer make-up classwork or quizzes. You all will mostly likely fail my exams. That being said, you all are adults, you better fucking study.”

I chuckled. He threw down the gauntlet. All of a sudden I’m mentally ready to take on the semester.  What can I say? I like a good challenge.


Distracted But Not Idle

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There’s a difference in being unfocused and idle. While I’m an accomplished distracted person, I’ve made some head way into my chosen path as a working artist. However, I now realize I’m not taking full advantage of the opportunities that I currently have.

For the past year or so I worked as a housekeeper at an addiction recovery center. I didn’t mind the work, but I quit because of the attitudes of certain people. Where I’m working now is a complete turnaround. I’m painting and getting paid for it, which is something never quite believed I could do so soon.

My new boss is a potter. She took a hobby and created a successful business, shipping all over the US to small and online businesses. I knew absolutely nothing about making ceramics and very little about glazes when she hired me. Though I took a pay cut, working with fellow artists is entertaining, challenging, and educational. I’ve been enjoying working with an eclectic group of people.

Within the same week that I switched jobs, my adviser pointed out that I should find an internship. I’ve been active in an online community Black Girl Nerds since a little over a year ago. The website/blog was created back in 2012 to be a community for women of color who are nerdy like me. I related to the blog posts, content, and the struggles documented therein. Absolutely love live tweeting TV shows with them; it’s like having a group of friends in your living room.

The first time I saw that they were looking for contributors, I didn’t apply. Fear and thinking that I wasn’t “nerdy enough”, or didn’t have anything say that anyone would find interesting held me back.

I then saw the notification a second time at two in the morning. I submitted my info without giving myself time to second guess what I just did. Things fell into place. BGN offers internships to any college students that contribute on their platforms.

In the spirit of being more focused I intend to learn some business savvy and to fully take advantage of the internship hours I can gain writing about the nerdy subjects I enjoy.

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